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Gimme Some Sugar! Love from my Super Sweet clients!


The 1-2 hours we spent with Michelle Goodearl last year was one of the best things we did for our family (and business)
Not only did we have awesome photos of our son to give to his grandparents when the holidays arrived, but we loved our family photos so much, we gave those out to our loved ones, too! (AND her photos from that day are all over our home, which brings us oodles of joy every single day!)
We don't know how Michelle works her signature magic, but we're glad she does. For example, that day, our son was in a cranky mood, fighting the photo shoot every step of the way, but you'd never know it from the pics. Every picture we have of him from that day makes our hearts melt. Rosy cheeks, inquisitive looks, natural surroundings...it's like she got all the best our child has in him -- and all the love our family has for each other -- and caught it for us to cherish forever.
And you know what the best part is? I know when he's grown up he's going to look at these particular photos and be able to SEE how much he was loved, and how lucky and happy his childhood was. Ah, we should all be so lucky to have that visual memento!
We're also using the photos Michelle took that day as our business photos, and we CONSTANTLY get compliments on them. They're obviously professional, and they make a very human connection because Michelle knew exactly how to draw out the essence of "Us." Hey -- we don't even know what that is, but somehow SHE did!
Michelle Goodearl is truly extraordinary. She should be charging 10 times what she does for her time and talents. If you haven't "been captured" by this amazing woman yet, run -- don't walk -- to your phone RIGHT NOW and schedule an appointment. Time's a-wasting, and this gal is here to show you the beauty of your life, right NOW. Take her up on it!

-Lani Voivod
"A-Ha Yourself!"
(You can see the photo Michelle took on the header of every page of our website. That's how much we love her work!!!)


(On using natural outdoors as a backdrop)  ...it was the easiest, quickest, most enjoyable photo session we've ever had and when I look at the other photos w/ the baskets of fake apples or the fake scene behind them I think what was all that effort and money for?  So, thank you and I'm looking forward to doing it again sometime.   TM  


On working with the Heart Gallery..... Sharing your talents will be a real blessing for the children and you. Your photos may be the reason a child gets a second look, and eventually a home and family. RF


I got your name from a friend and your work is absolutely fabulous!!! CA


Your photos are amazing! MDodge


Its really tough deciding on our final picks - they all came out so awesome! The pictures are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  They arrived (beautifully packaged!) and were waiting for me on my door step when I arrived home late yesterday afternoon.  The large one of the family came out so great and words can't describe how excited I was when I saw the black & white of the kids.  My girlfriend who stopped by was awestruck by that one!  She loved all the pictures so much she asked me for your number. LC


I'm getting some great comments on your photos you did a great job, I think the head shot would make a great CD cover. Eric Erskine


Your work is absolutely worth EVERY PENNEY!! Did I tell you how AWESOME you are?!?! I LOVE, LOVE your work...you took so many great shots, it's going to be hard for me to choose! TC


WOW!!! They are FABULOUS!!! My mother can't believe how beautiful they are!!!Thank you so much again for everything! What a great bunch of memories! CA


Hi Michelle! I absolutely LOVE the pics! EVerdis


Hi Michelle,    

These photos look great! This was such a great idea - and makes it so much easier for we crazed parents than bringing him to an impersonal portrait studio! JL


I just saw photos you took of some young children at Sandwich Children'

Center, and was just amazed at your work!  KC


I think you should make an "Ode to Toes" book. These are adorable and make me REALLY happy!

I love your work. :) -Lani