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This is me, Michelle. I am a photographer who loves to capture natural moments on camera. I enjoy the simple pleasures in life and never let a minute go by where I don't appreciate some small detail. Life is good! Life is in the details. From the moment I pushed the shutter button on my Mickey Mouse 110 camera, and instructed my unwilling cousin to stand still for one more shot as I thumbed my way to the next frame, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I was 5. I still, to this day have this photo. Many years later, I still have a passion for photography. I wonder how everything I see would look in a photograph. My passion is taking pictures of kids and families {yours, and Mine!}--freezing a memory and a moment in time. I am inspired, not by any one photographer, but by the people who are in front of my lens. I am inspired by the small details of messy hair, and little sleeves that have jelly smudged on them.. by orange cheese puff covered fingers, and the marks that they leave behind. (And lets not forget Kool Aid Smiles.) To put it quite simply life's details inspire me. Some projects that I am proud of are...I am a photographer for the Heart Gallery... These are special portraits of children who  are looking for  forever families, and need to be adopted.  My work has been published in national magazines. I was also the photographer for a locally produced movie, with WhiteBridgeFarm Productions! {I was even in it!} I also enjoy taking pictures of musical artists. I have been lucky enough to shoot such talent, as Sammy Hagar, A young Nick Lachay, The Outfield,Blue October and a local musician Eric Erskine.

I soooo enjoy music, its a big part of our life here. I have an awesome husband, Mark, and two little hard Rockin’ Amigos, Alex 11, and Andrew, 7. We like to hike, camp, and spend all our time playing with Rocks and Sticks.  Love is all around me, and I’m the luckiest girl in the world. xoxo